25 billion people, is no stranger to mob violence, with well

canada goose outlet shop WhatsApp limits message forwarding after canada goose India mob killings canada goose outlet shop

goose outlet canada middle eastIndian lynch mob killings force WhatsApp to limit deadly messagesFORWARDING “fake rumours” on social media has turned deadly, with lynchings and Canada Goose Jackets Outlet deaths canadian goose jacket fuelled by messages spread on WhatsApp. goose outlet canada

canada goose outlet reviews Debbie Schipp and wiresAn Indian newspaper vendor Canada Goose Jackets reading a newspaper with a full back page advertisement from WhatsApp intended to counter fake information. Picture: AFPSource:AFP canada goose outlet reviews

canada goose outlet online uk THE lynching of a woman in Central India because it was rumoured she was part of a gang kidnapping kids has forced WhatsApp to place a limit on forwarding messages. canada goose outlet online uk

canada goose black friday sale It comes on the back of a public relations nightmare for the Facebook owned messaging service, after canada goose uk shop the Indian government recently accused WhatsApp message forwarding of fuelling the deadly rumours. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose jacket outlet Lynch mobs buy canada goose jacket in India have killed 21 people in the last two months over unfounded allegations forwarded on WhatsApp, AFP Canada Goose Coats On Sale reports. canada goose jacket outlet

WhatsApp has now announced restrictions the ability of users in India to forward content, as the latest attempt to curb mob violence sparked by rumours spread through the hugely popular app.

In India, the limit on forwarding is five chats at once. For WhatsApp users outside canada goose uk black friday India, the limit on forwarding will be 20.

India, a nation of 1.25 billion people, is no stranger to mob violence, with well documented cases of crowds turning Canada Goose sale on victims for every canada goose uk outlet manner of transgression, real or imagined.

canada goose outlet black friday But the spread of smartphones there are a billion plus handsets, and data is cheap to even the most remote corners has enabled rumours to be shared at lightning speed. canada goose outlet black friday

canada goose outlet parka Victims have included homeless people, a transgender woman, two picnic goers, an elderly woman canada goose factory sale handing out chocolates to children and a 27 year cheap Canada Goose old software engineer. canada goose outlet parka

The rumour blamed for many of the recent incidents emerged over a year ago in eastern India, claiming strangers were sedating and abducting children.

Seven people were killed there in two attacks in buy canada goose jacket cheap as many days. In February this year, the rumours resurfaced 1600km away in western India, and reached the south by May. It was often accompanied by a grainy video purporting to show men on motorbikes stealing kids.

canada goose outlet store uk The footage was in fact from a Pakistani public safety film. canada goose outlet store uk

Other images supposedly showing dead Indian children with their organs stolen were, in reality, Syrians killed in a gas attack.

India is WhatsApp biggest market with more than 200 million users. In rural communities, it is often the primary way people canada goose black friday sale access the internet.

canada goose outlet toronto factory The latest lynching came days after India highest court called for immediate steps to control deadly mob violence across the country. canada goose outlet toronto factory

Indian activists protest against mob lynchings in India. Picture: AFPSource:AFP

WhatsApp said for India, it will also remove the quick forward button next to media messages on its app.

canada goose outlet uk believe that these changes which we continue to evaluate will help keep canada goose coats WhatsApp the way it was designed to be: a private messaging app, the company said in a blog post on its website. canada goose outlet uk


canada goose outlet jackets The Indian government announced on Monday that it was setting up two committees to recommend appropriate ways to deal Canada Goose Parka with uk canada goose the growing mob violence. canada goose outlet jackets

But the campaigns had limited effect. In one instance, an official buster was himself beaten to death.

canada goose outlet India Supreme Court told the government this week to make a new law to rein in this month, the Indian government turned its fire on WhatsApp, calling for the firm to take action said it was by the lynchings, and announced new features to help users identify messages that have been forwarded. canada goose outlet

The Facebook owned firm ran full page adverts in Indian newspapers offering tips to its 200 million users in the country canadagooseoutletjackets to separate fact from fiction.

canada goose outlet nyc Last week, the government again let loose, threatening legal action this time. WhatsApp announced its restrictions the next day canada goose outlet nyc.

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