The Chilean cousins ​​are in control and bring home safely the success that is worth the tournament.

Moto3 highlight – The highlight remains of course the World Moto3, which continues in the sign continuity: the drivers are indeed confirmed Niccolò Antonelli and Tatsuki Suzuki who will share just one crew chief, the trusty Marco Grana. Antonelli is optimistic. “I’m glad I stayed with this team – he says – now knows all my strengths and weaknesses. The Honda engine sinned than the KTM, but we hope that the new engine has solved the problem.

The goal is to reach the podium and why not, even the victories. ” On the achievements the Japanese joked: “The goal is to bring home something important, but not the gravel: of that we have enough at home …”. Gasport

September 27, 2018 – Paris Francesco Molinari autograph signing with the Dane Olesen AFP E ‘still Chicco against Tiger. Francesco Molinari will make its debut on the opening day of the Ryder Cup in fourballs paired with Tommy Fleetwood and opposed to Tiger Woods and Patrick Reed. Three Ryder Cup and many clashes with former world number one yesterday, at the opening ceremony, was by far the most acclaimed.

There are colors that take when there is half tiger, a tiger and finally found fit, fresh from victory at the Tour Championship, FedEx Cup finale. “Against him is always very exciting – said Francesco – and the safe buying interest in the event. Europe has a good chance, I think is the strongest team in which I played “fourballs – The two captains during the ceremony at the Golf National, in front of about 30 thousand people, they have announced the field on Friday pairs for the first four fourballs (each player plays 18 holes and marks the lowest score), which will award 4 points of the 28 points on offer.

They will start Justin Rose-Jon Rahm’s Europe team against Brooks Koepka-Tony Finau, followed by Rory McIlroy / Thorbjorn Olesen (Europe) against -Dustin Johnson / Rickie Fowler and Paul Casey / Tyrrell Hatton opposed Jordan Spieth / Justin Thomas. In the afternoon on the pitch the players for foursomes announce that the captains in the morning.

Europe is determined to erase the heavy defeat in Minnesota (17-11) in 2016 and the United States to redeem 25 years of defeats in the old continent where not prevail since 1993. The Paris edition is the second at the Ryder Cup outside the borders of Britain, after the first in 1997 at Valderrama in Spain. It will then Italy to host the next in Europe, which will take place in 2022 in Rome on the trail of Marco Simone Golf & Country Club. From our correspondent Federica Cocchi

March 10, 2019 – Milan Seven wins and one loss. It only stops in the final of Adrian Carambula path and Enrico Rossi at the 3 star Sydney. It was the first tournament together for the Italian pair baby girl in late January decided to carry on independently the Olympic qualifying journey with the technician Marco Solustri and left the Federal riverbed.

The two Italians have surrendered in the night 2-0 (21-18, 21-12) to Chilean cousins ​​Marco and Esteban Grimalt after fighting on equal the first set and he released his grip in the second. Rossi and Carambula (right) in Sydney THE GAME – After a period of initial balance, a vacuum passage of Blues on 7 allows Chileans to win a major break three points that remain until the end of the set.

But Skyball of Carambula, which sometimes causes difficulties for the South Americans because of the strong wind blowing in Sidney, is not sufficient to break the perfect game of Grimalt. It ends 21-18. In the second set the Chileans continue to push hard on the accelerator and the Blues fail to keep up and get lost in too many errors.

7-14 Under the technical time out, Rossi places three walls-roof row that give the illusion that the Azzurri will recede into the match. But it remains an illusion. The Chilean cousins ​​are in control and bring home safely the success that is worth the tournament.

VIDEOS OF THE JOURNAL TV PATH – On the way to the final-Carambula Rossi had passed 2-0 both Hyden-Doherty American experts (in the quarter) and the other pair Use Slick-Allen (in the semifinals). First, in the second round, they had been right-of Hudyakov Bykanov Russians at the end of a marathon than an hour, which ended 17-15 in the tie break.

And to think that the Italian couple had started the tournament by qualifying in which he beat 2-1 New Zealanders Timmer-O’Dea and 2-0 Poles Prudel-Poznanski, before closing the round in first place thanks to two goals on Australian home owners Durant-Schuman and on-Winter Horl Austrians. OTHER BLUES – In Sydney there was a large blue party.

In the men’s draw, in addition to Carambula-Rossi, there were also Abbiati Andreatta, who finished ninth, defeated by Hyden Doherty-Americans in the second round, and Caminati-Ranghieri that, returning after his long injury of Friuli, who lost both the group matches. In the women Menegatti-Orsi Toth have stopped in the second round against Palmer-Laird and Australian Zuccarelli-Traballi they were not able to get into the main draw. Pierfrancesco Catucci

March 22, 2019 – Milan On June 10, 2016 all that was known of him was in a fotosegnaletica, a little less than three years later was one of the talents on display at the Viareggio tournament. This is the attacker’s seventeen year history Juwara Musa (born in 2001): Property Chievo, the prestigious Viareggio played on loan with the Spring of Torino, scoring three goals.

And for next summer Toro plans to take him permanently to Philadelphia. that story – This is the story of a child without parents started from Gambia, in June 2016, has crossed the Mediterranean on a boat. He lived a thousand lives already this sweet boy Gambian, in Basilicata found a family that adopted him and in Verona, Chievo, met a second family, that of calcium. Musa has seen and dealt with everything: the abandonment of the parents, the dictatorship, the people smugglers.

Now football is to give back what life has denied his adolescence.  striker Musa Juwara, 17, owned by Chievo. LaPresse striker Musa Juwara, 17, owned by Chievo. LaPresse technical dad – He landed June 10, 2016 near Messina, where he was sent to a reception center in Ruoti (Potenza).

And ‘here that he started playing football, first with their new friends in the country, then with the soccer school Virtus Avigliano where it crosses a coach who changes your life: the technician takes it very seriously and gets to take it home, the return of a future and places it in his family (he is the first guardian, then he and his wife become foster parents). dreaming of philadelphia – From Basilicata is a new journey began, this time made only of smiles and lots of goals. First destination: Chievo.

And ‘here that Musa plays under age in the Spring category. For several months he has come under fire the head of the youth department of Turin, Massimo Bava, one with young people has a long eye and lots of flair. The first glimpse at Toro was on loan at Viareggio, but between Juwara and grenade popped already seems to be an intense love. And the dream is: to play at Philadelphia next summer. But this will be a new chapter in this story, and to be written.

Maybe from July … Mario Pagliara

January 29, 2019 – Milan was signed a few days ago at the Milan headquarters of the Fondazione Don Gnocchi a Memorandum of Understanding between the Italian Bocce Federation (Fib) and the Fondazione Don Gnocchi: the Fib will provide concrete support (technical aids and sports equipment ) to allow an increasing number of people with disabilities to be able to easily practice the sport of bowling, while the Don Gnocchi Foundation will provide as part of some of its facilities the opportunity to practice this sport. Upon completion of the synergy, the Don Gnocchi Foundation has also provided the opportunity for the members Fib and family members access to discounted prices for a wide range of services and rehabilitative services provided in the centers and clinics, thus opening another channel of ” social welfare “for the entire Federation. All in the knowledge that even the sport – and in this case the bowls – could prove profitable opportunity in the complex process of rehabilitation and social integration of people with disabilities has always been a fundamental objective of the Fondazione Don Gnocchi years and indispensable commitment of President Fib Marcus Junius De Sanctis.

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